Death Marches During The Holocaust

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Death Marches Jewish prisoners were forced to walk hundreds of kilometers, for up to a month, in freezing cold temperatures by the Nazis of Germany during the Holocaust. The prisoners were forced to go through weeks of suffering, even though they were walking away from their liberators. It is important to remember why death marches were initiated, the suffering the prisoners had to go through, and the major death marches with the most deaths. Death marches were initiated in 1944, and the SS guards called them “evakuierung,” a euphemism meaning evacuation. Most of the time, prisoners were given one loaf of bread for the whole march, and a few rags to keep warm. If they couldn’t keep up, the prisoners were shot. Death marches were an easy and convenient way to evacuate camps and kill off many Jews. There were many different reasons for initiating death marches, the Jews went through a lot of suffering, there were many different major marches, and the prisoners died for many different reasons.
Initiation of Death Marches Death marches began as a way to evacuate the concentration camps. The Germans knew they would soon be defeated, so they attempted to erase their actions. Death marches were an easy way to transport the Jews, as well as kill them off. So they forced Jews on long forced marches to escape the Soviet, British, and United States forces. The three main reasons for evacuations were “authorities did not want prisoners to fall into enemy hands alive to tell their…
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