Death Of A Girl-Personal Narrative

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I had to get her back to me! Losing her permanently would be the death of my body, my soul. When Blaze ran away, she took my heart with her, running a million miles an hour. She is my heart now. The only meaning of my existence is to make her happy; which, so far, I have failed at. Why can't just get over my pride and tell her I love her? No, I just had to go and hurt her emotionally and physically. God I'm such an ass. "Hey Hunter!" Snapping away from of my thoughts, I saw Derek carrying my beloved princess towards me. Her head lolled to the side giving me the impression she was dead. The thought alone shattered my already broken heart. "Did you kill her?!" I yelled, enraged they had misinterpreted my instructions to bring her back. "Of…show more content…
This afternoon I went down to give her her food, but I couldn't take it anymore. I just had to set her back to her room right next to mine. She didn’t look to well. Her beautiful light brown hair looked dull and had lost its natural shine. Those beautifully kissable lips were pulled into a frown and her brow kept twitching as if she was having a nightmare. For two days I would pace back and forth in front of her room, hoping she would wake up. Holding her necklace in my pocket that I removed from her neck so she wouldn’t choke in her sleep, it gave me a sort of comfort. Sleep never came to me when I thought about her condition just wishing she would wake up. i was inch's away from taking to a hospital, risking her being taken away from me and me and the whole Black Bullets gang being put behind bars. On the day she woke up I was in my study working. Suddenly I heard several loud bangs coming from her room. I quickly ran up the stairs to her room. I found her frantically looking for something. Then chuckled to myself when I remembered I have her necklace in my pocket. I pulled it out and dangled it in front of me. "Looking for this?" I drawled trying to catch her
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