Death Of A Loved One Essay

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Throughout life, each and every one of us will experience losses and grief. Grief is the normal response to loss, and affects people cognitively and physically, as well as emotionally. The main task of grief is to adapt to the loss, and to integrate the experience into ongoing life, after the loss (Winkover & Harris, 2012). Death of a loved one is one form of loss in relationships. Separation, illness, and whenever a change is perceived within a relationship, can also be experienced as a loss (Humphrey & Zimpfer, 2007). This essay will explore the case of an eight year old boy, called Johnny, who is removed from his mother’s care, and placed into the care of his aunt Sam and uncle Mal. It will begin with a brief discussion of Johnny’s background, and how this has shaped his attachment style, and internal working model of self and others. This will be followed by a brief discussion of how attachment patterns are transferred between the generations, and how it is possible for people to earn security in their relationships. It will then look at two models of grief, and how they might apply in Johnny’s case, and finally, it will look at some interventions that may assist him to process his grief and adapt to the change. Inconsistent parenting often leads to children developing an insecure-ambivalent attachment style. This may cause the child to become pre-occupied with the attachment figure, at the expense of exploration, resulting in intense anxiety at being separated from the
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