Death Of A Salesman Analysis Essay

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Death of a salesman is tragdy play written by American modernist Arthur Miller. Miller won a Pulitzer Prize in drama in 1949 for Death of a Salesman. In his play death of salesman he mixed realism with inner thoughts of the characters. He is talking about wilily and his family Biff and happy and his wife Linda. wily struggle with his thoughts and overthinking in the play. He came home early his wife thoughts he crashed the car again, which I think is like foreshadow for what will happen later on. Williy here is describing as a nervous and frustrated person. Lemon's family suffers from doubts and his wife is helping him in count them. The play contains dreams and hope. Williy wanted his sons to be successful and have job. Happy is the good son. And biff is the opposite thing of what his father dreamed he would be.

Miller used many interesting technique in this paly. Also his style of writing is genius for me. It is the reason of me choosing this play. The way he describe the Wily inner thoughts and things going on in his mind makes it very exciting and enjoyable to read. He uses the theme of American dream and past verses reality.
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He show us how Willy is suffering from his mind by telling us what he goes through in his head and that there is many trouble going there tell he started talking to himself out loud. And that he start imaging people talking to him as his brother Ben .Also he always shows the typically American family when he bring up about the chees in the play. Furthermore, even the name he uses in his play indicates something. Happy is the good son and do what his father want unlike Biff that he is a disappointed to his father. Also the Dave the single man, even if he was loved by many people he still signal and alone. Even Willy's name which is Willy Loman as if it is a symbol that Willy is not successful lack moral that he is a low
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