Death Of A Salesman By Arthur Miller

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Money Makes the World Go Round

The energy of money makes the world thrive. For decades, people have relentlessly pursued wealth to fulfill their goals to live well. The famous fashion designer Tommy Hilfiger once said, “The road to success is not easy to navigate, but with hard work, drive and passion, it’s possible to achieve the American Dream." The big question is, "In today 's society, with its elite layer of upper-class taxpayers and overpopulated corporations, does the concept of the American Dream remain viable for all citizens of the United States?"

In playwright Arthur Miller 's story, Death of a Salesman, written in postwar 1949, the protagonist Willy Loman wants nothing more than to live the American Dream. His insatiable hunger for wealth causes him to prioritize making money above all his other responsibilities. When Willy gets fired from his job he becomes disillusioned with the concept of the American Dream, realizing the achievement is not guaranteed, and ends his life by suicide.

In that time period, the American Dream was a strong belief that if people were given equal opportunities to prosper, and they were industrious, they could live an ideal world. In present-day, the requirements to achieve the "dream" have changed. Quite honestly, to obtain today 's wealth, one must have wealth.

While the past and present versions of the American Dream have some differences, they also share important similarities.

Willy believed in the concept of the…
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