Death Of A Salesman By Arthur Miller

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Arthur Miller writes a play, Death of a Salesman, about a man named Willy Loman, a traveling salesman, who is on a quest to live out a dream, one that many Americans had; to live a happy and affluent life without having to worry about day to day expenses and to not have any financial struggle. Willy worked hard at his job and has done so ever since he started working thirty plus years ago. As a salesman, he made a commission on the profits of which he was responsible, so his paycheck was largely dependent on the amount of sales he made each month. Mr. Loman was in his late sixties and had been working for the same company since he was a teenager. Still, after many years, Willy is trying to fulfill that childhood dream of his and is optimistic that it will soon come true. Willy had a wife and two sons, all of which were unemployed and reliant upon him, their husband and father, to bring home the money to pay for the various expenses they had. Although hopeful and confident, Willy was barely able to support his family and wouldn’t have been able to thus far without help from his friend and neighbor, Charlie. In his later years, the diligent salesman, still while wishing for a change, had come to terms with the predicament he was in. Willy became very aware of the situation and couldn’t stop pondering over the life he was living compared to the life he had once hoped for. The constant thinking and worrying led to Willy losing some of his sanity; talking to himself and…
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