Death Of A Salesman Monologue Analysis

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I apologize for the late response. I have received all your letters, but I have been busy unpacking. I will get into more details later. You asked about my family, so I will briefly update you on them. Sadly mama passed away a few years ago, and we are all still mourning her loss. Walter is doing all right I guess, in his terms; he saved up enough money to open the liquor store he wanted, even though mama and I have strongly detested it. But of course, Walter is stubborn and won’t listen to any advice from any one of us. We finally managed to catch Willy, but the money was sadly, already spent. Ruth has 2 beautiful baby girls, who are truly delightful, and Travis is continuing to be a helpful big brother. He works part time with his father. That should bring you up to date with my family.…show more content…
Trust me; the reason for my decline is not just you. Even your parents did not agree with our relationship. You have been a sweet man to me; you have made me feel special and beautiful, but a man like you deserves to be happier than anything I could possibly ever give you. My aspiration to be a doctor was a funny idea to you, so I do not think that we should continue to pursue this relationship if we do not fully support each other. I am entering a crucial time in my life, and I am slowly discovering who I am. I hope you manage to find a beautiful woman who is completely content with herself, and someone who your parents would also approve of wholeheartedly. Just to let you know, I am currently pursuing my dream by finishing my schooling in Nigeria, and I have entered an application to one of the most prestigious, medical training institutions here. I am moving in with my friend Asagai and his family. Asagai is wonderful, and he is without a doubt just the man that I am looking
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