Death Of A Salesman Movie Vs Play

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The play that we watched in class was Death of A Salesman, it was written by Arthur Miller, and is considered an American Classic. Volker Schlondorff is the director, there are five main characters. Dustin Hoffman is Willy Loman, he is the main character, he is the father, for most of the play he lived in flashbacks. Willy is a salesman he was always on the road traveling from place to place selling stuff. He is married to Linda Loman who is played by Kate Reid. Together they had two sons Biff and Happy: Biff is played by John Malkovich and Happy is played by Stephen Lang. Willy’s brother Ben is played by Louis Zorich.
This play is considered to be a tragedy. It is a story about how a man has gone a little crazy over the years, and has attempted
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The setting is 1985 in New York, most of it takes place in their home. The house is not closed in, the corners are not closed they are open so you see the apartments outside of it, you also never see the roof of the house. It is set up in this way so you can see how their world and the world around them is coming down around them. The lighting is changed a lot during the movie. During the present day events the light would appear to be dim, dark and dreary. The setting is a reminder that nothing ever went well for them in life. During his flashbacks the lighting is bright, it is as if his flashbacks are a happier time for him. Even during his flashbacks their clothes are brighter, everything is happier, during the present day their clothes are dark and gloomy. Willy never changes in the flashbacks he is always wearing the same clothes, it is his memory that he is living out loud. The background noise plays a big role in how the audience feels about what is happening. When something big is about to happen the music increases in volume, and becomes more suspenseful. Throughout the course of the play music is always in the background no matter what is
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