Death Of Ancient Rome And Disposal Of The Body Essay

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Task One: Death in Ancient Rome and disposal of the body During the times of the Ancient Romans, Epicureans and Stoics it was understood that death and the disposal of the body were vitally important to all beliefs, these views on death also display the contrasting portrayals of each ideology as to how the deceased were handled and the influential theories revolving around death. TRADITIONAL ROMAN VIEWS ON DEATH: “Death is less bitter punishment than death’s delay” - Ovid, Ancient Roman Poet The Ancient Romans believed and carried out the sacred traditions of taking care of the dead by disposing those by either burying or cremating the body, it was also ensured that citizens were promised a formal burial. However, the social status of whoever died would also depend on how the body was disposed and treated which helped establish the difference between the Patricians and Plebs. It was widely believed by the Romans that death established the great segregation of body and soul. The importance of burial plays a great part during the time period of The Ancient Romans as they had a strong emotional attachment to the ceremonial burial of the deceased and considered it such an honourable achievement to partake in such a religious ritual such as the funeral and burial. The Romans also wanted to demonstrate iusta facere towards the dead - the great deal of respect they had as well as the rights they had as the departed. If one was to pass by a dead corpse found on the side of
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