Death Of Death And Death

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Throughout my entire life I have never really given much thought to the subject of death. To be more accurate: throughout my entire life I have never allowed myself to give much thought to the subject of death. Both of my parents are very easy going, optimistic individuals so death was not a subject that was ever really touched on. The only times that I really remember discussing it was in church (and I rarely ever paid attention to this). Despite this lack of contemplation, I have always known that I am very anxious about death, so when I filled out the attitudes towards death and Leming 's fear of death survey’s I was not in the least surprised to find that my answers coincided with high death anxiety. Death anxiety is defined in the textbook as emotional distress and insecurity when faced with reminders of mortality (Kastenbaum, 2012). This is an extremely accurate description of the way I react to death. As stated in the attitudes towards death survey, I don’t like to talk about my own death, nor do I like it when my loved ones try to talk to me about their death. When the subject of dying arises I am automatically overwhelmed with feelings of panic and try to change the conversation. It has been shown that women in general have a higher death anxiety (Kastenbaum, 2012) and I am also a very anxious person in general so these probably contribute to it, however, from taking this course I have learned that the biggest contributor is my thoughts about the meaning of death.

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