Death Of Death By Radiation

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Death By Radiation
Nickolas Natali
California Baptist University, College of Engineering

In 1985, a Canadian-built radiation treatment device began obliterating holes through patients’ bodies. The Therac-25, designed and developed by AECL (Atomic Energy Canadian Limited) was an advanced linear accelerator that could speed up electrons turning them into a high-energy beam that annihilated surface tumours on the skin, or could converted the electrons into x-rays to penetrate tumours deeper within the body. The Therac-25 was the latest and greatest version of the French company’s previous models, the Therac-6 and Therac-20. One million dollars were invested into this machine to give radiation treatments to cancer patients. Most of the patients receiving treatment from the Therac-25 had already endured a form of surgery to remove the majority of the tumour and were using the Therac-25 as a means of eliminating any leftover growth. This high powered radiation machine was controlled by a computer from a separate room to protect the operator from being exposed to any unnecessary, moreover unwanted, doses of radiation.
As previously stated, the Therac-25 had two main functionalities: low energy and high energy. To be clear, low energy consists of an electron beam of [roughly] 200 rads that was meant to be aimed directly at the patient. High energy mode consisted of turning the machine to full
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