Death Of Dinosaurs Research Paper

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Dinosaurs: Destroyed by an Asteroid
After the extinction of dinosaurs, intelligent scientists have come together to study the devastating event. The debate surrounding the death of the dinosaurs has intensified due to many recent theories. Some people believed that an extremely devastating ice age froze the dinosaurs across the world and brought massive extinction. Others believe that a volcanic eruption occurred due to climate change and natural disasters, while some say aliens abducted the dinosaurs. None of these theories seem proven to be accurate and in alignment with historical events. Now many experts and paleontologists are concluding that dinosaurs were killed by a massive rocky body asteroid. Although many people believe an ice age
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Many people believe an ice age killed the dinosaurs because of climate change studies. This theory has been largely dismissed for one reason, there has not been enough evidence to suggest a devastating ice age during the life of the dinosaurs. Some people claim that aliens abducted the dinosaurs and removed them from our planet because of extraterrestrial theories. Those bizarre ideas are fundamentally false and inaccurate due to the fact that no evidence was found. But scientists conclude in deep reviews that those theories stated are false. A single and massive asteroid impact remains the best explanation for the extinction of the…show more content…
Many amounts of asteroid elements such as iridium were found in rock debris along with other asteroid particles. The discovery of Iridium sparked the attention of multiple scientists and researchers. Iridium is rare in the Earth’s crust, but it is plentiful in most asteroids and large meteorites. With Iridium found in the Earth’s crust, researchers have concluded that an asteroid composed of Iridium struck Earth at its boundaries of layers. Further studies have indicated that this Iridium layer has been found in more than 100 locations around the globe, providing data that this event was truly universal (“Dinosaurs.”). In addition, the measurements and evidence are accurate with the asteroid that made impact. After many decades of research and searching scientists identified a massive crater associated with materials of Iridium. Many pieces Iridium are buried beneath sentiments of rock, many surrounding the coast of Yucatan. Debris and sediments are revealed by high graphing the strength and power of gravity over that area. With these statistics and drilling methods to observe the area, it is concluded that a relatively large impact happened 65 million years ago. After the calculations and drilling, astronomers charted many asteroids that have crossed Earth’s orbit and atmosphere. From abundant study efforts and orbital data, it is estimated that asteroids of
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