Death Of Empathy

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The most troubling consequence of devoting so much attention to the virtual world is the death of empathy (lam).The digital world has put a strain on how society views empathy. Lam’s claim that digital media is leading to a decline in empathy is correct due to the fact that individuals hold the digital world to a higher extent than the real world. Individuals tend to care more about what someone thinks of them online versus what they think about them in person. Ever since I was a little girl I have spent my life trying to be accepted and loved by social media. I would stay up all night posting pictures for people to like or comment on. But when I go out to the mall or out with my friends I am not focused on whether people like me or not or…show more content…
Instead of helping the victim out, the individuals videotaped the whole incident and posted it on social media. The by standing individuals did not even call 911 or run to get help. When they were asked why they did not help they stated “we just thought it was a joke” “It looked like she wanted it ““It was a funny video to post on YouTube”. The civilians around did not take into consideration how the victim felt they were just worried about making a “cool” video for YouTube. Real life events can give us creditability in the social world. We are considered “cool” or “impressive” to our peers online. .We want the glory and honor that the digital world gives us rather than the honor of helping out a victim in need. In emergency situations individuals tend to videotape or record the event than actually helping the victim out. We risk helping an individual for the mere satisfaction of a couple likes and comments on social media. As a society, we tend to be so blind by our social stance that we ignore real life…show more content…
For example, when I talk to my friends they usually ignore me and text on their phones. They even fail to look at me when I try and talk to them. When would talk they would respond with “huh” “what” “can you say that again please I was not listening” .I would have to raise my voice for my friends to even pay attention to what I am saying The digital media has made such an impact on them that they cannot even recognize when someone is talking to them. My friends are more focused on what Facebook or twitter has to say rather than what I have to say. .Also when my friends and I would hang out we would barely talk to each other. When we walk into the room together all of us would be on our cellphones. We would be so stuck on our digital media that we would not even acknowledge each other. I tend to devote most of my time to the digital world rather than spending quality time with my friends. My ability to focus all my time on digital media and not on the feelings of my friends illustrates the lack of empathy I have due to the digital world. In conclusion, in this society we worship the digital world more than we do the real world. We tend to believe we live in an artificial world rather than the real world. My whole life is based on digital media. I tend to focus on what social media has to offer me rather than what the real world has offer me. Our lack of respect for the actual world
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