Death Of Esther Research Paper

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As Doreen and Lenny commence sexual activity, Esther felt impure in which causes her in need of a bath. The event is a contribution towards happiness due to baths being in relation to baptism to become pure. In other words, the contribution specifically contributes to Esther because the bath is a symbol for a womb, while Esther exiting the bath is a symbol to leaving the womb in order to become pure. Esther implies, “The longer I lay there in the clear hot water the purer I felt, and when I stepped out…I felt pure and sweet as a new baby.” to describe a new beginning for Esther. (p. 20) Esther’s reaction to the bath makes her feel pure along with the feeling of being a baby. The bath eliminates the depression that Esther possesses. Due to…show more content…
In the event of Constantin and Esther driving towards the UN, Constantin held Esther’s hand causing Esther being fulfilled with happiness. Esther with enthusiasm narrates, “…we were sitting there side by side flying down the streets…he took my hand and squeezed it, and I felt happier than I had been…” to imply the sudden happiness Esther possessed. (p. 74) The event contributes to Esther’s happiness because as she is in the pursuit of depression, this bit of happiness occurs causing her to be happier than she has ever been. The word “flying” provides a description of freedom that Esther is heading towards meaning that- that bit of happiness is leading towards her freedom in which Esther is trying to achieve. Based upon the events involving sexuality, an alternative reaction towards the situation could have led to a depression because of Esther being delicate when the topic of sexuality and the touching of another being occurs. While being in the state of depression, having someone hold my hand and squeeze it would cause me to be happier than ever as well because it demonstrates that there is someone who does care for
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