Death Of Innocence By Mamie Till- Mobley

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Death of Innocence is a non-fictional novel written by Mamie Till- Mobley about the tragedy of her son’s brutal murder. Emmett Louis Till was born on July 25, 1941 to parents Louis Till, and Mamie Till Mobley, Emmett was born breeched, and was going to endure multiple health complications in his short fourteen years. Emmett wanted to visit family in Mississippi although Mama and Mamie were very hesitant. They tried to educate Emmett the dangers of a black person in the South. Emmett was born in Chicago, and was not aware of the type of racism blacks endured in the South. Unfortunately, due to Emmett’s heath complications when he started to stutter Emmett would whistle. A black male whistling at a white woman during this time of age was prohibited. Mamie educated Emmett before he left that he should not even walk on the same side of the street as a white woman. Emmett apparently whistled at a white woman while in a store. This led to white racists kidnapping him in the middle of the night and inhumanly murdered Emmett on August 28, 1955. Mamie chose to have an open casket funeral for Emmett. Though it was hard for her to turn her privacy of grieving the loss of her son, she chose to turn this into a public issue. She became an activist for the black community and educated children and churches on lynches. Emmett’s death led to America’s civil rights movement. Growing up in Chicago Mamie did not experience as much racism as she would have in the South. When she was a little
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