Death Of The Death Penalty

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Death has been around for centuries. It started off with single-celled organisms and has transformed into what we know it as today. Murders, dying of sickness or old age, even natural disasters and tragedies. So what about crimes worthy of the death penalty. It all started out in 1608 where the death of captain George Kendall would become the first ever recorded penalized death. He was executed for firing bullets at the Jamestown colony. Death is almost like a design and death itself has a plan. Death has a plan for every living human being that walks the earth or not. So when you hear someone has been put on the death row do you agree with it yes or no. Many agree with the death penalty simply because of the saying an eye for an eye or in this case a life for a life. What about the people who don’t believe in the death penalty? Do they have valid reasons to not believe in it and vise-versa. Money plays a big part in the death row process, as well as the inmates themselves, and whether or not the death penalty could be considered inhumane. When people hear the words death row a lot of them think of money. Well money plays a huge role around the world but more importantly in the united states. People may say why spend more money on the inmates in death row and yes while they do take up a whopping 500 million dollars between the 401 inmates in just the state of Florida alone. For the other inmates in jail cost 2.05 billion dollars to accumulate for all…

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