Death Of The Death Penalty

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Death, a word of sorrow, of pain, and of joy. Death happens to everyone eventually but what if it wasn’t your choice? What if someone else held your life in their hands? The Death Penalty dates back as far as the Eighteenth Century B.C under the ruling of King Hammurabi of Babylon(DPIC Staff). He was the first noted person to begin using the death penalty. The origin of death revolved around him and now the people of today feel that they are able to dictate how people die. Death is a prize to them, an accomplishment and this thinking has only become stronger over the years. Origin of Death Despite common belief, America did not start the death penalty. Britain influenced America’s use of the Death Penalty more than any other country(DPIC Staff). In the tenth century, Britain accepted the hanging method of execution(DPIC Staff). In the following century, William the conqueror forbid anyone to be executed for any crime unless in times of war(DPIC Saff). Unfortunately, a ruler named Henry VIII, disagreed with William’s trend in the sixteenth century. It is said that about 72,000 people were executed under Henry’s ruling(DPIC Staff). Capital Crimes continued rising throughout the next two centuries in Britain. The reasons for execution ranged from marrying a jew to treason. By the 1700s, Britain had begun to use the death penalty for 222 crimes including, stealing, cutting down a tree, and robbing a rabbit warren(DPIC Staff). The settling of European settlers in

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