Death Of The Fallen At The Rancho 16

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On June 25th, 2009, I was riding front passenger while my mom drove her red Ford Escape down Highway 111. All of sudden a another vehicle speeds up on the left of us while at the same time my mom change into the left lane. Trying to avoid our vehicle, the car spun out and rolled over. My mom briefly lost control, but manage pull over to the side. While the accident was non collision the car and my young mind were hardly unscathed. It was a weird day from the very beginning, my mom announced out the nowhere that me and two brothers were going to the movies to see Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen at the Rancho 16 which I found strange because I didn 't think I deserve such a rare treat. Before my mother and I left for the afternoon…show more content…
It was the sound I’ll never forget. Fast moving metal and rubber against asphalt and rock make a noise that you only hear in the movies.
I thought we were going to spin out or that someone from behind would back end us. Luckily My mom took control immediately and we pulled not far from the crash. We were okay, shaken, but okay. I saw a few other cars coming over to the side and try to help, I remember seeing a grey Toyota Corolla pulling over with a woman in a business pants suit rushing out her with a cell phone in her hand. The SUV was completely wrecked and I didn’t know the condition of the driver. I saw a California Highway Patrol Officer who must have seen the whole thing because he was driving down the other side traffic lights blazing, calmly speaking through his radio for backup.
My mom left to inspect the damage, while me and my brothers were sweating profusely in the summer heat, I cracked my door open to allow “colder” air to circulate. The sounds of speeding cars off the highway drowned out voices outside. I wanted to get out and get closer to the SUV, but I was afraid of being told to go back by CHP officers.
Not long after I hear my mom’s voice coming closer with a cop a not far behind, writing in his notebook. Then they come into view mom showing officer the damage to the windshield. That made him write furiously in the notebook taking in every detail. Another Officer came by and

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