Death Of The United States Should Legalize Active Voluntary Euthanasia

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The democracy of the United States should legalize active voluntary euthanasia (AVE), active non-voluntary euthanasia (NVAE), and physician-assisted suicide/death (PAS/PAD), in cases where the patient has a terminal illness, unbearable pain, or are in a vegetative state with no chance of being revived. AVE is defined as “the intentional and painless ‘mercy driven’ termination of a consenting rational person’s life…” NVAE is conjugately defined as “the termination of an incompetent individual 's existence on grounds that it is in their perceived best interest to do so…” (Richardson 13). Physician-assisted suicide and physician-assisted death are synonymous phrases that may be interchanged (Westefeld 539). For the purpose of this paper, the term physician-assisted death (PAD) will be used to refer to a physician writing a prescription, or allowing a patient to take potential lethal medication after the patient has openly consented. Sometimes, PAD refers to the removal of necessary means of medical treatment, again, after the patient has consented. PAD and both forms of euthanasia mentioned above differ in that euthanasia is directly administered via the doctor, whereas PAD is the doctor allowing the patient to partake in things that could potentially lead to the end of their life. Evidence shows that euthanasia has been practiced regardless of its legality. The current laws (or lack thereof) are not preventing physicians from carrying out the process at the patient 's request;
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