Death On Duty Analysis

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Controversial Debate of Death on Duty
Peter Lian, a 28 year old former N.Y.P.D. officer, was convicted of killing an unarmed black man in the stairwell of a housing project (Kang). This event stirred up a controversial issue on whether or not former officer, Peter Liang, is innocent or guilty as charged. The topic of murder by police officers has always been a controversial issue in which people question whether or not deadly force is needed. On the other hand, the issue of the Peter Liang case is different as Peter Liang accidentally fired his gun and hit a civilian. In the article, How Should Asian-Americans Feel About the Peter Liang Protests, Jay Caspian Kang talks about the history between the Asian-American community and the African American community, the event of the Peter Liang killing, and the effect of the event due to his Chinese ethnicity.
In the article, Jay Caspian Kang talks about the issues that have been present between the
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For many decades, there has been tension between the Asian American community and the African American community due to events such as the Rodney King riots. Adding to the tension, the Peter Liang shooting is a controversial issue as the death of Akai Gurley, an African American, was not intentional. This event has caused various protests about whether the conviction of Peter Liang is appropriate. While some believe that Liang is simply serving as a scapegoat for other officer related shootings, others believe that Liang is guilty. Although a man, Akai Gurley, was killed in the event, the bullet from Peter Liang’s gun ricocheted off a wall, which in turn hit Gurley. Is it right to convict Liang of manslaughter, even though he did not intentionally kill
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