Death Penalties Throughout History

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For ages, humans have been ending the lives of others in the name of morality and lawfulness, the reparation for an infraction of adequate proportions. One person breaks a law or commonly agreed upon ideal and society proceeds to put the perpetrator to death. Ancient civilizations to modern day people have implemented the death penalty to ensure the well-being, and sometimes discipline, of societies around the globe. The first official legal use of the death penalty dates back to the eighteenth century B.C. in the Code of King Hammurabi of Babylon. Here the King noted 25 crimes to be punishable by death. In seventh century B.C. Greece, the Draconian Code of Athens established death as the only penalty to be dealt for all crimes. The death…show more content…
Nobody can dispute the advantage of saving millions for the state and its assets. While those against capital punishment have compelling evidence and argument against the death penalty, the opposition also exhibits an interesting and moving persuasion. One thing that unfortunately holds true is that violence is a menacingly effective method of problem solving. Brute force, when applied in moderation can conclude conflicts almost instantly. Even the U.S. was founded upon the blood of patriots who fought for the end of tyranny. In this instance, the violence of killing a convicted person is, ironically, a means to discourage violent and nationally endangering crimes in the United States. Unfortunately, this is still sometimes overlooked by would-be criminals. The death penalty also serves another role in American society; justice. The human psyche often times offers humans a sense of righteousness and closure when those who have done wrong receive harsh or equal treatment for their crimes. Humans do not want to see a person getting away with breaking the rules, legal or social, and, unfortunately blood for blood is an all too common mindset in today’s society. Congruently, humans retain a primal desire for bloodshed, and execution is a great provider for such morbid entertainment. In the past and even into the modern times, executions have been made public for all to see. Nowhere else in our civilized nations can people witness death up close
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