Death Penalty: A Controversial Issue

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The death penalty has been an issue of controversy, causing many states in America to repeal it and call it inhumane. However, the truth is that many citizens are strongly divided on the issue and have strong opinions on whether the death penalty should indeed be kept and reinforced or whether it should just be abolished altogether. When analyzing this issue from a sociological perspective, conflict theory is best used as an argument against the death penalty. This sociological conflict theory is heavily tied in with class conflict a conflict that outlines how socioeconomic factors affect a group of disadvantaged people more so than those that are better off financially. It is because of the disproportionate number of lower class minorities that end up on death row that makes the death penalty an inhumane and cruel way of punishing individuals for crimes that they have committed. Individuals born into poverty are more likely to commit crimes because of their environment and their economic situation. However, minorities are more likely to get the death penalty than non-minorities are, for the exact same crime (Associated Press, 2006). Karl Marx, the creator of conflict theory, realized that one's environment influences the decisions that one makes and the opportunities that one is given. The death penalty should be abolished because not everyone is getting equal treatment when it comes to the deliverance of this punishment. A punishment should be equally distributed among
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