Death Penalty Affects The Prison System

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In America, a lot of controversial issues come and go, but the death penalty is one that has been discussed for decades. The death penalty should be made illegal because of how it affects the prison system, the government and society. The death penalty affects the prison system negatively by increasing crime rates, people dying over crimes not justified for death and getting wrongfully executed, it affects the government by negatively hurting the economy, being unconstitutional, and distancing the USs’ closest allies, and it affects society by requiring trust in the proven flawed US judicial system, resentment from the general population, and creating a larger division in races.

The prison system is the most affected over the death penalty.
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The US debt is around 17.8 trillion dollars. “Cases without the death penalty cost $740,000, while cases where the death penalty is sought cost $1.26 million.” States the DPIC, which is about 90,000 dollars lost per execution. In California alone, 90 million dollars was spent on capital punishment, this was fixed in 2014 when the death penalty was outlawed in California, saving the state a lot of money. This includes lethal injection, which according to retired FBI agent Ron Wetherington, “is the most humane form of imposing the death penalty,” he also adds, “I would be opposed to any type of execution other than lethal injection.” The lethal injection is what hurts the economy, however. The death penalty doesn’t just negatively affect criminals, but every citizen of the United States that pays taxes as…show more content…
The first reason is the death penalty requires complete trust of the judicial branch, which has been proven flawed. Once an execution occurs, there is no going back. Whichever evidence that helps a jury make a decision could easily be made obsolete if new evidence is ever discovered. Average citizens are not capable of getting past the emotional side of a tough criminal case to accurately analyze the logistics of it. “In a set of 271 cases from four areas, juries gave wrong verdicts in at least one out of eight cases,” according to “Estimating the Accuracy of Jury Verdicts,” a paper by a Northwestern University statistician. If one out of eight cases is wrong than it can be inferred that one out of eight death penalty cases are wrong
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