Essay on Death Penalty Debate

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Why is the death penalty still allowed throughout much of the U.S.? The process of prosecuting and convicting an individual is astronomical, and there is great debate as to whether the death penalty actually works as a deterrent. Retribution and biasness have contributed too many that have received this sentence, considering all this, life imprisonment is best for all, realistically, and most effective. The advantages of life imprisonment far more outweigh the death sentence. Death Penalty
America has always had a history of using the death penalty, but no subject has received greater debate. There are many reasons why the death penalty should not be used in America, first there is not data that shows that the death penalty acts as
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(NAKELL, 1978) The death penalty is much more expensive than life imprisonment without parole. Capital trails are longer and more expensive at every step than other murder trials. Capital cases tend to last several years and can consist of pretrial motions, expert witness investigations, jury selection, and the necessity for two trials; one on guilt and the other on sentencing. Once an individual is sentenced to death, the case automatically gets appealed to the state, then to the Court of Appeals and finally to the Supreme Court. Guilty pleas in capital punishment cases are almost unheard of, plus many of these trials result in life sentences anyway, so the state in which the trial is held ends up paying for the costs of the capital case. The extreme costs of capital punishment are actually making America less safe because financial and legal resources are being diverted from effective crime fighting. When a prosecutor decides to pursue a capital case they go to extensive and costly means, this may include the use of forensics, psychology, technology, and witnesses. The states (tax payers) also suffer; security precautions imposed by the death sentence must be paid. In the end the offender may die in prison, so there is no reliable data that the death penalty