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One of the most controversial topics in America today is the death penalty. Four thousands of years the death penalty has been used all over the world. In the earlier centuries the townsmen would hang people if they were accused as being a witch, but they were not witches at all. They merely knew a little more information than the next person. They were wrongly accused, and that is why I see the death penalty as immoral, unethical and just wrong! People were put to death for no reason; they were accused because there wasn't enough evidence to prove their innocence. Here in America you are innocent until proven guilty. That is not the way it is, you are guilty until proven innocent is the right way to look at the society today. In this …show more content…
Why does the United States need capital punishment? The main purpose of the death penalty is to protect the rights of other Americans to live. When one person infringes on anothers rights, he must be punished. To do this, the punishment must be harsh enough to deter potential criminals. This punishment is of the harshest form, but it is necessary to maintain order. The death penalty also saves the government money in the long run. "Let's look at the Times' figures. The paper reports that the 12 states that do not have the death penalty do not have higher homicide rates than those which do. In 10 of the 12, in fact, the rate is lower. As for the states that instituted capital punishment after the Supreme Court reinstated it in 1976, their homicide rates have gone up, up, up. In other words, the death penalty does nothing". (Cohen).

     When a convicted killer is given life without parole, the appeals made by attorneys on both sides, as well as appeals by the court and the judges involved, add up to millions of dollars our government wastes every year, not to mention money for the convicted murderers food and clothing, etc. Lastly, I feel that capital punishment is the only way of making sure that a murderer will not kill again.

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