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Capital punishment as known as the death penalty is the execution of a person by judicial process as a punishment for an offense. Crimes that are known as capital crimes or capital offences result in the death punishment. China crimes that were human trafficking and serious cases of corruptions are punishments of the death penalty. Militaries around the world court-martials had imposed death sentences for offenses such as cowardice, desertion, insubordination, and mutiny. The methods of execution include electrocution, the firing squad or other sorts of shooting, stoning in Islamic countries, the gas chamber, hanging, and lethal injection. The death punishment for human trafficking and serious cases of corruptions is not morally …show more content…
Military is one part of the government that took their rules and integrity seriously. Once you join the military you work for the president, the government. If you desert the military you desert your country, if you show fear you show cowardice. If you get capture and give up all the information to your captures you are shower cowardice. You disobey your superior you are in insubordination, and if you argue and go against your officers appointed over you, then you are causing mutinies. These are harsh violations, but I do not believe that this deserves a death penalty. Today there are methods to the death penalty are legal processes. These process involves Sentencing, direct review, state collateral review and federal and challenge. Challenging has become increasingly important. Once you been sentence to the death penalty you have the right to challenge the ruling. The most common electrocution that is used is the lethal injections. Regardless, is the death penalty ethically good for our society? How many innocent people died under the death penalty? What is required and acknowledge as a capital crime? Today, our prisons are over capacity. They are full of violent criminals that have done various crimes. However, do any of them that are waiting to be on death row deserve to be? I believe murders, and severe child molesters and murders deserved to be on the death penalty. This will make our society for our children and to

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