Death Penalty Essay

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In society today there are murders committed everyday. Everyday the people who commit these crimes are found guilty in a court of law and sentenced in prison. Some even get chances for parole. What the courts should do is take every murderer, give every one of them the death penalty, and follow through with it. The death penalty should be legal in all 50 states and carried through when given out as a sentence. Gary Gilmore faced a firing squad at the Utah State Prison on January 17, 1977. There have been 55 murders in that state during 1976. During 1977, in wake of the Gilmore execution, there were 44 murders: a 20 percent decrease. As you can see, the execution had some effect on the murder rate in Utah (Solotaroff 2001).
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It is not fair for a murderer to get life in prison. The murderer still can have a life, not much of one, but they do have one. He or she can still communicate with their families. The victim of the murder cannot. The victim’s family will never be able to see their loved one again. Another thing with life in prison is that the murderer may have a chance for parole. If they feel that the murderer is rehabilitated and ready to enter society again they just let him or her out of prison. Anybody can seem rehabilitated but go back on the streets and murder another person if not more (Solotaroff 2001).
There are very few disadvantages of capital punishment. The first and probably top reason is that a person can be wrongfully accused and sentenced for a murder. The innocent person is charged with murder and sentenced to the death penalty although they did not commit the crime they are accused of. This unfortunately is the biggest disadvantage of the death penalty. Another disadvantage has to be if somebody killed another person in self-defense. Let us say there is a man or woman in your house that you don’t know. He or she comes up and tries to grab and harm you. You quickly grab a gun and shoot and kill the person. Should this person be charged with murder? No, this is an act of self defense. Another disadvantage is that some insane people do not care if they die. So those people will continue to kill no matter the consequences. The death

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