Death Penalty Information Center, “The Report Concluded

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Death Penalty Information Center, “The report concluded that state and county charges for the defense, prosecution, and courts would be about $1.8 million per case through trial, initial state appeal, and appeal to the U.S. Supreme Court.” This was the estimation of how much they would have spent if the death penalty were to be reinstated. Abolishing capital punishment will save taxpayers a lot of money because it would cut the costs significantly on how much money is needed each year in order to prosecute defendants. Over the years, people that have been sentenced to death have been exonerated due it later being proven that they were innocent but for others it was too late to get their freedom back because they had already been executed.…show more content…
As stated by the Death Penalty Information Center, “Mr. Adams was sentenced to death for the murder of a police officer in Dallas County, Texas. A purported eyewitness, who in fact was the actual killer, framed Mr. Adams and received immunity from prosecution in exchange for his testimony.” It took the police 12 years to realize that Adams was not the killer. Another case that had to do with eyewitness testimony was the conviction of Willie Brown in 1981. The DPIC stated that, “ Mr. Brown and co-defendant Larry Troy were sentenced to death for the murder of a fellow inmate in Florida’s Union Correctional Institution. The conviction was based entirely upon the testimony of another prisoner who testified that he saw them leave the victim’s cell shortly before his body was discovered.” In both of these cases the witnesses had made up their stories but it was not the Justice Department that decided to look further into these convictions. One was a German anti-death-penalty activist and the other was a film maker. This is an issue because the Justice department does not have the time to look into every case again but if others are not willing to help or listen to those who say that they are innocent, then this can cause it to be too late for many inmates on death row. Many cases of individuals who have been proven to innocent or there is speculation of them having been innocent, have happened after they had already been executed. An
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