Death Penalty Injustice

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Another punishment after incarceration which also raises controversial debates is the death penalty which should be abolished. According to John W. Whitehead, an attorney and founder of the Rutherford Institute, there are flaws happening in the death penalty system of America thus it should be stopped. He indicates, “They reveal a system in which lives and public order are at stake, yet for decades has made more mistakes” (Whitehead 114) which mean that there are innocent people being killed due to false accusations. No one knows enough to say when anyone should die. Whitehead argues his point by providing the information, “police officers, prosecutors, juries, and judges have sent many innocent men to death row” (115). When a man is sentenced to death, do people ask themselves what if a man has been executed for a crime he did not commit, then the mistake is discovered?…show more content…
If one man is wrongly accused of being on the death row, he is still counted a person and considered to be important. Using the death penalty just as same as using their crime to punish back themselves, which is not the right thing to do because it not only killing someone, it also killing human rights and human dignity. The word “justice” in the criminal justice system should be practiced in a different way because it is not right to use “injustice” to solve “injustice”. Hence, capital punishment is a barbaric remnant of uncivilized society. Moreover, the high cost of executing a criminal is another reason that death penalty should be stopped. That money should be used in other ways such as improving poverty, developing education, repairing roads, etc. Those are ways which have the ability to improve the society instead of only focusing on executing people out of the society for their
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