Death Penalty Is Cruel And Unusual Punishment

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The legal executions first started in California when it was under the Practices Act in 1851. Then in February 14th 1872 it was put in the Penal Code. Capital punish in counties continued until an amendment by the legislature in 1891 said that it could only happen in the State Prisons picked by the court. The first state execution in California happens on March 3rd 1893 at San Quentin and the first one in Folsom was on December 13th 1895. In the 1937’s the legislature decided that instead of hanging people they were going to use lethal gas. This did not affect the people that were already sentenced to be hanged and the last hanging was in December 3rd 1937 at Folsom and the last hanging in Quentin was hold on May 1st 1942. Twenty-five years after 1967 because of the United States Supreme Court choices there were no executions. In 1962 the Supreme Court thought that death penalty as cruel and unusual punishment. Because of this 107 people had their sentences changed to something that was not death. In November 1972 nine months after they had this choice the California electorate amended the state constitution overruled it. Then in 1973 the Supreme Court decided that the death penalty was unconstitutional. The California legislation was passed in 1973, which meant that the death penalty could only happen under certain conditions. These conditions were kidnapping if the person dies, train wrecking if any person dies, assault by a life prisoner if the victim dies within a…
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