Death Penalty Is Deserving For Atrocious Criminals

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The capital punishment never fail to attract people’s attention and has aroused a wide discussion for a long period. Currently,countries that have abolished death penalty and which have capital punishment are in coexistence. Statistics show that 111 nations have abolished death penalty lawfully or actually nowadays and annually there are three districts giving up the penalty, including HK, Macao, in 1990, and Canada that officially abolished capital punishment earlier in 1976. In my point of view, death penalty is deserving for atrocious criminals. Some people argue that,“ Trials and appeals in capital punishment cases are so time-consuming that society is better off without the death penalty.”1 What I believe is that it is a mistaken opinion. Even though according to some sources, the average capital murder trial and the first stage of appeals costs the U.S. tax - payer 1.8 million dollars, other sources estimate that it can cost up to 2.2 million dollars to obtain and carry out a death sentence. Sometimes, even the appeals process lasts an average of ten years.2 That is really a great deal of manpower and material resources. But there isn’t really anything more important than a human’s right to life. So several Canadian respondents expressed some level of bewilderment- in marginal notations- that a human life could in any way be compared to issues of time and money in

the criminal justice process.3 What’s more, as…
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