Death Penalty Is The Act Of Executing Someone Of A Capital Crime

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The death penalty is the act of executing someone of a capital crime. A capital crime is defined as murder or betrayal of one’s country. Since about July 1, 2015 the United States thirty-one states have legalized the death penalty leaving nineteenth states remaining illegal. Death should not be the resolution to any problem regardless of what the situation was.(mixed sentence). As humans, we make mistakes throughout our lives and that is how we learn from them. In many cases, death penalty simply executes the person, no suffering just death. Death penalty should be illegal in all fifty states because a person suffers more life in prison and is more of a punishment than death.
The death penalty is too harsh of a punishment for a robbery as in South Carolina you can be executed for robbery. Once a person has been found guilty of the charges that were presented to them, the juries are the ones to decide their punishment. There are other ways a person can receive a punishment rather than the death penalty. A person can receive life in prison with no parole, which their chances of ever getting out are very low.
According to David R. Dow, a Cullen Professor at the University of Houston Law Center, “most of his clients that have been sentenced to death rows after being locked away for six or more years volunteer to die because dying ends their suffering”. The more a convict is locked away in person the more they suffer mentally and emotionally. A Prison is full of a variety of…
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