Death Penalty Is The Best Essay

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I believe that the death penalty is the best and fairest punishment for people who have taken other people's lives. Here are some interesting facts about the death penalty. Did you know that 70% of all Americans support the death penalty? Murder rates have also been down since the death penalty was reinforced. And rehab techniques are so underdeveloped that no one is ever certain that a murderer can be rehabilitated (supporting capital). First of all, if someone has taken someone else's life, in most cases their life should be taken also. If a person is so imcompassionate for human beings and just doesn't care what happens to anyone; if they are sick enough to take the life of someone else, their life should be…show more content…
No previous experience needed. No startup capital required in most cases, and minimal capital required in any case. Flexible work hours. Be your own boss. Medical and retirement plans provided free by the government. Low risk. Low risk? Well, yes. The odds of being apprehended at all are very low, and even if you are arrested you'll get free legal assistance (Savage, Leo). And plus, prisons are becoming more and more crowded. The government's solution to overcrowded prisons is to spend billions of tax dollars to make more of them. This is a lot more than it is going to cost the government to execute someone (Stern, Eric). Next, since most inmates receive parole when they have life in prison for killing someone, the murderer is back on the street in 20-40 years. Would you want them back out there killing more innocent people? Since the prisons are becoming more and more crowded, people in the prisons are more likely to be let out earlier to make room for more prisoners, putting the original murderers back out on the streets (Stern, Eric). Lastly, and I believe, most importantly, what if someone were to brutally murder one of your family members. Wouldn't you want the murderer to die? Why would you want them still in a jail, knowing that he is receiving ample amounts of food and still living his life after killing someone so close to you? Most people who are against the death penalty argue
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