Death Penalty - Justified Essay

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Death Penalty - Justified

There are many problems facing our criminal justice system today. Some of the more important ones are overcrowded jails, the increasing murder rate, and keeping tax payers content. In light of these problems, I think the death penalty is our best and most reasonable solution because it is a highly effective deterrent to murder. And, tax payers would be pleased to know that their hard-earned tax dollars are not being wasted on supporting incorrigible criminals who are menaces to society. In addition, they would not be forced to fund the development of new penitentiaries in order to make room for the growing number of inmates in our already overcrowded jails. Moreover, the death penalty would
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“The death penalty makes would be capital offenders think about weather committing a crime is really worth their lives” (Studyworld 3). Hence, capital punishment is the best solution to the increase in murder problem.

Capital punishment is the best solution to the problem of overcrowded jails because all “lifers” would be sent to death row and executed. These “lifers” would no longer require a cell or take up space in an already crowded jail. This removal of “lifers” helps alleviate the congestion in jails because it creates vacancies in cells for convicts serving lighter sentences. For example, a federal penitentiary can accommodate on average 300 hardened criminals. If all convicts with life sentences, 50, were to be removed, a more manageable 250 convicts would remain in a less congested penitentiary. Clearly, the death penalty is the best way to eliminate overcrowded jails.

In addition to eliminating overcrowded jails, Capital punishment is also the best way to keep tax payers content. The death penalty satisfies tax payers because it is a very cost

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