Death Penalty: Life Without Parole

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The death penalty is good Malcolm B. Benson, a cold blooded killer was released in January, 2015, police say it only took 9 months to kill again. The death penalty can and will save lives and keep terrible killers just like Benson off the streets. All Malcolm received in the years between 1995 and 2015 was a free life just so he could go and kill another innocent person. The death penalty is needed now more than ever considering that Chicago abolished the death penalty in 2011 and homicides have been steadily increasing ever since. If someone is poor and has nothing going for them, they can just do a terrible crime and be set for life all for free, just to do a terrible act. In the article Weighing the Death Penalty v.s. Life Without Parole,…show more content…
Benson, his second victim could have possibly been just a normal happy person with nobody doing him wrong. But back in 1995 they sentenced him to “life in prison” and just a short 20 years later he got out on “good behavior” and struck again. The people that say the death penalty is not the right way to handle a murder needs to really think long and hard about just what they are doing, because it could even kill them in the long run. The death penalty is not just a form of punishment, its a way of cleaning the human race, this world needs less killers, rapers and drug dealers, if they were not around anymore there would become a lot less bad people in life and everyone can just focus on bettering themselves instead of being worried all the time. The death penalty is not a bad thing, we need more of it, people can change but they have to want to change and anyone can tell that right off the bat and help them better themselves, there is no need to keep cold blooded killers, rapers and drug dealers around when all they do is sit around scare and harm people. The death penalty is good, think and weigh the consequences before you jump to
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