Death Penalty Of A Victim's Family

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In the year 2014, 72 Americans have been sentenced the death penalty due to the crimes that they did to our social society. After that year, the amount of death penalty sentences went down 20%. If we can continue sentencing people to the death penalty it could stop Americans doing the crimes that they are doing. The reason why some Americans are for the death penalty is because the cost and time consumption is better, it helps the victim’s family to be at ease and it can bring down the crime rate in today’s global society. Americans in this world today think that when a criminal sentences the death penalty that it takes forever to do it and it is so expensive. Think again. An article posted online talks about the statics on how the time…show more content…
An article online talks about how the Stambaugh family had to face the murderer that killed Jody Stambaugh. “The Stambaugh brothers describe the heartache, fear, and repeated traumatization the family has had to endure every time their sister's murderer has requested a parole hearing. If their sister's murderer had been sentenced to death, they conclude, his other victims and victims' survivors would have been spared decades of suffering”. Stambaugh, Irl, and Gary Stambaugh. "Death Penalty Would End Punishment of Victim's Family." The Death Penalty, edited by Jenny Cromie and Lynn M. Zott, Greenhaven Press, 7 Mar. 2009. Web. 18 Mar. 2017. Some might say that sure it helps the victim’s family to be at ease, but it does not help the murderer’s family to be at east. Yes, it is going to be hard the murderer’s family to be at peace since their love one is going to be put to death, but that person made the crime to murder someone else who was an incident. Everyone in the world wants peace and harmony, but we can’t do that if more and more families are still sitting in this world in sadness when their love one’s family are being murdered and there is no consequence to the…show more content…
We can continue this making the crime rate go down if more people are aware or are being sentenced the death penalty. George W. Bush supports the death penalty just because it brings down the crime level. He says “I do, that's the only reason to be for it”. Rosenberg, Paul H. "The Death Penalty Increases the Violent Crime Rate." The Death Penalty, edited by Mary E. Williams, Greenhaven Press,2002. Web. 19 Mar. 2017. Opposing forces of the death penalty might say that it will not bring down the crime level and it will only increase. By letting more people and especially criminals know that they could get the death penalty for the crime that they do, they will stop doing the crimes that they are doing and America won’t have to be the country with the largest rate of crime. Showing people that the death penalty can benefit their country and this world in different
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