Death Penalty On Violent Criminals

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Brandon Bechtel
English 1301 B5
28 November 2015
Death Penalty on Violent Criminals The Death penalty, known as capital punishment is when a criminal is executed by a governing authority. We (the United States) continue to allow the death penalty. Many countries make the death penalty illegal. Many discussions over this being legal, moral ethical, and economic ramifications of the death penalty are continuous across the world. Most of the nations have at one time made the death penalty legal for serious crimes. “Since 1800, the number of nations that have abolished the death penalty has grown.” (Death Penalty: An Overview) Now most countries that have made the death penalty legal, only use it on the most serious criminals such as murder, treason, or espionage. The debate over the death penalty bounces on many different problems: “the efficacy of capital punishment as a crime deterrent, the ethical and moral issues associated with government-sanctioned execution, and the potential for errors in the legal system that may allow for the misapplication or prejudicial application of capital punishment.” (Death Penalty: An Overview) The debate focuses on those who see the death penalty as a religious or moral issue and those who view the problem as a primarily guided by ethical and utilitarian values. Legislative issues include legalizing capital punishment within the regime of national laws, and the question of whether state and national agencies should be allowed…
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