Death Penalty : Opposing The Penalty

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Paper outline
• Introduction
• Death penalty
• Supporting death penalty
• Opposing death penalty
• Conclusion
• Works cited

The Death penalty practices are one of the controversial issues that have been over debate in the United States in the past years (Anckar 7). Individuals, groups, and scholars have raised a number of the political spectrum about the application of the death penalty as the best method of reduces and controlling criminal activities in the society (Steiker, and Jordan 197). According to a number of social studies and reports, it is clear that capital punishment has been used unfairly against minority groups, against the poor as well as against individuals of particular ethnic, religious as well as racial groups in the United States (Anckar 11). This indicates that the death penalty is mostly applied discriminatory and badly in the society. Despite this, there are also those who argued that the death penalty is one of the best methods that can be used in reducing criminal activity and crime rates in the society (Steiker, and Jordan 193). This is because capital punishment usually allows the elimination of criminals in the society completely. There are also various religious beliefs and political policies in various countries globally that support death penalty as the best way of punishing stubborn believers and individuals in the society (Anckar 21).
Recent research based studies and reports also indicate that
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