Death Penalty

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Introduction The death penalty to all kind of rapist has always been one of the most hotly debatable issues among the societies. Everybody including the politicians, religious heads, media commentators, women’s rights activists, with a voice heard or unheard have an opinion it. Can death penalty check the occurrence of a heinous crime like rape? Death penalty is define as punishment of execution. Meanwhile, all kind of rapist means all type of person who commit rapes (Oxford University Press, 2013). The death penalty is conduct by two ways- Hang-strangled to death and electric chair which will give a shock punishment to the executant until he died. The recent article from the Business Time proof that this case is still being discussed.…show more content…
Therefore, the law should not subject an insane people to the death penalty execution. This argument is significant because one should not simply chasten this insane and drunk people when they are actually committing in rapes unconsciously. Alternatives such as a shock treatment should be provided to the mental people meanwhile to the drunk people, they should be forbid from drinking alcohol for the rest of their life. Furthermore, the victim’s family should be given the compensation money. My next angle of argument is death penalty should not be given to all kind of rapist based on a very strong reason- sometimes people lodge fake report that they have been raped and those innocent people should not be execute. There was a case reported in San Francisco Chronicle, June 30 2013, a 21-year old girl, named Morgan Triplett lodge a fake report that she was raped while looking for banana slugs at UC Santa Cruz. Campus police later determined that Triplett made the story up. The San Francisco Chronicle reports she will be arraigned next week. (KTVU-AP, 2013). This kind of case proves that my argument is crucial and a protective shield to those innocent people who did not commit rapes. A thorough research should be done thoroughly instead of subjecting people to the death penalty. It is injustice to simply accused people and drag them to the center of court as it is such a humiliating things to them. As a result, those innocent people might
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