Death Penalty Essay

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The death penalty or capital punishment is an issue that has sparked controversy and anxiety in today’s society. Capital punishment refers to “a sentence of death by execution”, for the crimes committed. In order to receive the death penalty an individual needs to commit certain types of crimes known as “capital crimes” or “capital offences”. Capital crimes include treason, perjury, kidnapping, rape, terrorism and murder. Today, executions are carried out by either a lethal injection or electrocution. Countries like the United States can allow the convict to have a degree of “amnesty” by letting the convict choose other methods such as a gas chamber, hanging or even a firing squad. Although a vast majority are against the death penalty . …show more content…
For example: the US has a prison of approximately 2.2 million but only 3,000 are condemned to death (amnesty). Even is all of these prisoners on death row were to be executed, it would make no “discerning difference” in making the society safer or even in the entire prison population. Also, the death penalty makes mistakes by giving the condemned unfair trials, and just looking at the crimes he/she has committed. One of the most controversial cases in the history of death penalty was the case of Phillip Workman. Phillip Workman, aged 53, was executed by lethal injection in Tennessee on May 9, 2007. Despite crucial evidence in which a key state witness lied at his trial and that Lieutenant Ronald Oliver, the police officer that Phillip Workman was convicted of killing, may have been accidentally shot by a fellow officer (amnesty). Even though there was evidence on behalf of him, the jury still processed the execution by giving him death row for 25 years and then the execution. An individual whose life has been put on execution may still have salvation by giving the convict other types of punishments. By putting these individuals in an intense punishment, such as serving imprisonment in jail for many years or doing extensive community service nonstop daily may offer another solution rather than being sentenced to death. Life imprisonment can act as another solution instead of using the death

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