Essay on Death Penalty Pros and Cons

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In this time of life, where things have changed to a better world, it still exist massacre, what it's called death penalty. "United Stated is one of the six nations that commonly continue with this dramatic scenario" (Human Rights).Debates and political issues have been put into effect to stop this cruel and inhuman punishment. Since early years people have the belief of killing each other to solve their problem; what's the idea of slaughter if pain would not be applicable? We should keep them breathing to make them suffer the same way they cause the suffer ness of us or other people.

Its hard to see one of your family members get killed by one of this people, the first thing we want is to see them get killed, but if you stop and
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People are not against the death penalty, they want to see people get killed for their mistakes; (APW wrote: DP another way) "I am wondering if any of you who can support the death penalty, would be willing to push the buttons, or inject the poison to commit murder? They are murderers, and rapists and the like, so they kill. We are Children of God; we haven't the right to kill another soul. That is in the hands of God alone. We have the responsibility to keep these people away from others, and rehabilitate, if possible. That is all. Would any of you push that button?" It's hard to see us pass the law of murder, why should we make the same mistake they did.

Many rapes, violations or other situation have been done by people that don't care of life of other or their life, do you think if putting him into the death penalty he would care, it's only a quick pain, they would not care if getting killed. Their many ways to solve this problem for example: rehabilitation or solitary confinement, if you think about it this is worse than death. Death is quick; solitary is for 1-80 years or more, with this as well, no contact with the outside. It's like a living death in a world of pain and suffer ness, it would make them consider it twice before doing something bad, just to think a life with nobody to talk, it would make them realize in what situation they got into, it would set a good example to all the criminals. Violence
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