Death Penalty Should Be Banned Essay

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Capital Punishment has always been one of the long-lasting controversial ethical debates in modern history. Many said that it had a positive effect for preventing violent crimes and should exist in the country. (Cass R. Sunstein & Adrian Vermeule, 2006). However, in my perspective, death penalty should be banned, because it has irreversible effect on the misjudgment of innocents. To be clear, I am concerning with the typical cases of death penalty of ordinary crime judges by local and national courts. Criminals judged by military courts and need special considerations are out of my discussion. Moreover, I am not going to elaborate on the discussion of the justification of killing. The discussion will be centered only around the severe irreversibility of death punishment on misjudged innocent.

Death sentence has its unique idiosyncrasy: irreversibility. If one is sentenced to death, the process of depriving his life is irreversible. This unique identity makes death penalty stands out from the rest criminal sentences. After all, if one were found to be innocent after the execution, any compensation would seem to be worthless for him. The value and right of life is absolute. Therefore every sentence has to be justified to make sure no innocent is misjudged and killed. Current judicial system has resulted in a huge amount of innocent deaths. In fact, I believe the absolute accuracy of judgment is impossible to achieve right now. According to a new statistical study published
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