Death Penalty Should Be Legal

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Do you think that death penalty will give justice for the innocent lives? The death penalty continues to be an issue of controversy in the whole world because people have different beliefs for giving justice to the innocents. For some people, they want it legal because death penalty will give justice for the innocent victims and a form of vengeance to the criminals. On the flipside, other people don’t agree with it because a lot of innocents are putting into death. These people believe that it is better to put the criminal into jail without a parole unless there is a proof that he or she is innocent instead of removing the human rights of the criminal to live and have a chance to change his or her life. Although some people think that death penalty should be legal, I believe it should not be legal. Some people believed that killing the murderers would keep more innocent victims safe and alive. For instance, the case of Tim Mcveigh who was executed by killing the 168 people in the Oklahoma City bombing, or John Wayne Gacy who was committed 33 murders. If they were still alive, we wouldn’t know what would happen next. They might kill more people. However, we are still killing more people and innocent lives. In fact, the authors of the “Rate of False Conviction of Criminal Defendants Who are Sentenced to Death,” stated that "A conservative estimate of the proportion of erroneous convictions of defendants sentenced to death in the United States from 1973 through 2004 is 4.1%,

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