Essay about Death Penalty Should Not Be Legal

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A death sentence is a cruel and unusual punishment. The act of sentencing one to death is called an execution, or a death penalty. Death penalties can go wrong, the drugs could react incorrectly inside the victim’s body, and he/she could feel pain as they die. Death penalties are not cheap either. It costs several millions of dollars just to execute someone. Is it really worth it? Randy Workman, a former warden at the Oklahoma State Penitentiary, oversaw 32 executions. He states in an interview that death penalties waste money and fail the victim’s family. He is for the death penalty, but he doesn’t want to “push the button” because there’s always that one small possibility the victim is not guilty. "I would never take that chance with my life,” he said. Call it what you want, execution or death penalty, but this is still the act of murdering a human being. Really, do the criminals even care about death? You sentence one criminal to death, and expect the rest to become terrified and stop their crimes in order not to die, but guess what? These are criminals. They kill, they steal, and they inject fear into the nation. They already threw their lives away when they become criminals.
What if these aren’t really criminals at all? What if the case turns out to be wrong, and the victim was innocent? Do you realize what just has been done? You’ve killed a civilian. In a recent study published in Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, it is proven that there are more…