Essay on Death Penalty Should Not Be Practiced

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Capital Punishment
The death penalty is capital punishment given by the legislature of a nation, to individuals who have perpetrated repulsive criminal acts like manslaughter, and so on. The death penalty has been a method for rebuffing individuals since ages. Despite the fact that there are a few nations that have canceled capital punishment from their law, there are still numerous which still practice the demonstration of executing an individual for wrongdoing. The death penalty is common in the US, Asian and Middle Eastern nations. A portion of the methods for executing offenders is hanging, shooting, electric shock and giving deadly infusions. Other people think that the motivation to backing capital punishment is because it spares other individuals' lives. The Death penalty should not be practiced because there is no real way to cure the incidental misstep, and spares other individuals' lives. Finally the death penalty has no deterrent effect.
The first reason is the Death penalty should not be practiced because there is no real incidental misstep. Some people think that there is no real way to cure the rare accidental, and we cannot go back to did it in the perfect way. The article “Ten Reasons To Oppose the Death Penalty” (1982) discusses research by Mary Meehan. She writes and wonders, what happens when the mistake is discovered after a man has been executed for a crime he did not commit? These are not sit still inquiries. Various persons executed in the United…