Death Penalty Through Life of David Gale Essay

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The Life of David Gale Paper:

The Life of David Gale makes many arguments against the death penalty throughout the movie showing how far the characters in the movie will go to promote this cause they hold near and dear to their hearts. David Gale plays a Professor in the philosophy department, but after a series of unfortunate events he ends up on death row even though through his entire career he made himself a known advocate for the Death Watch; which was an anti-death penalty organization that frequently fought for this cause through rally’s and debates. After he has sex with one of his students, Berlin, through which she directs him to do so in a way that evidence of rape is prominent. He is arrested on charges of rape and Berlin
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This is a completely inefficient policy and ineffective policy. The death penalty is inefficient because using a cost benefit analysis; it costs the government far more to execute a person than it does to keep them in prison for life, the cost far outweighs the benefit in this instance primarily because there is a high cost and no benefit, putting someone in prison for life without parole reduces their ability to commit more crime just as much as executing them does and it costs less. If the death penalty doesn’t deter anyone from committing these crimes, how is this an effective policy, what is the point of it? Innocence and the death penalty was a strong argument used against it in this movie, Gale was innocent of raping and murdering Constance and because not all the accurate information was acquired he ended up being put on death row and eventually executed even though he was innocent. Once you execute an innocent person that is an injustice that can never be rectified. Especially since we started using DNA testing to exonerate those on death row seventeen people were found to be innocent. Think of all the people that were innocent before DNA testing came about, but couldn’t prove their innocence for that sole reason. The death penalty is also in no way equitable because of the racial disparities involved through the process, in 1990 a report from the General Accounting Office
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