Death Penalty and Life in Prison

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CWV 301 Christian Worldview Characteristics of God Worksheet & Essay For Part I of this assignment, you will look up the following passages in the Bible to learn about certain characteristics of God and how they shape the Christian Worldview. This is a brainstorming exercise, in which the listing of ideas is more important than writing. Consider using a bullet list or outline to discuss elements and sub elements. For Part II of this assignment, you will write an essay that summarizes what you have learned in Part One. Submit the Worksheet to the instructor by the end of Module 2. ------------------------------------------------- Part I ------------------------------------------------- Omniscience: The God of the Bible…show more content…
And that there are three that bear record in heaven, which is the father the son and the Holy Spirit. Eternal life is in his son. ------------------------------------------------- Psalm 145:8-9, 15 & 16: It tells how the Lord is gracious full of compassion. He is a patient God, he is good to all and how he sent his commandments on things that needed to be obeyed. ------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------- Immutability: The Bible states that God is eternal and complete in every way. Because of this, He never changes. God is not subject to growth or improvement or failure. He cannot become anything more or less than what He already is. ------------------------------------------------- In the following passages, how is God described? What are the characteristics listed? ------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------- Malachi 3:6: It tells how God describe himself as Lord, he confess he do not change. He is always the same God. ------------------------------------------------- Numbers 23:19: It describe God as a person that do not lie, he is someone of truth. ------------------------------------------------- 1 Samuel 15:29: It describe Jonathan Saul’s son went to David in the woods how God
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