Death Penalty for Rape

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The Death Penalty for Rape in the United States Since our country was formed the use of the Death Penalty has always been a controversial subject mainly because, the government is taking an individual’s life. This has been a form of punishment for thousands of years and for hundreds of years in the United States. It has been debated for years that the death penalty is unconstitutional and many people have thought that it violates the 8th amendment because it is possibly a “cruel and unusual punishment”. It has since been left up to the states to decide if they will allow the death penalty or eradicate it. As we go deeper into the subject of capital punishment we are met with even more controversy as we approach the subject…show more content…
There are also several drawbacks to having the death penalty for rape. The main drawback is that some people think that capital punishment is way too harsh for the crime of rape. First off it is said that in crimes where no one is murdered such as rape is not deserving of a taking of their right to life that is guaranteed to them by the Declaration of Independence. This was confirmed by the Supreme Court case Coker v. Georgia, which states that “while not disproportionate in the case of murder, was “grossly disproportionate” and “excessive punishment” in the case of rape.” (Coker v. Georgia, 1977) Another belief is that if the death penalty is imposed for the crime of rape, rapists will choose to not only rape women but also kill them since the penalty imposed is already death so basically they can’t receive a worse sentence. (Park, B.J. 2010) The final and very vital drawback if the death penalty was used in rape is that the death penalty is an exclusive punishment only reserved for the worst of the worst and since rape is such a popular crime it would be used too much. This country wants to infrequently use the death penalty. (Park, B.J. 2010) In my opinion the death penalty should be used only for certain rape cases, those in which are extra malicious such as a child rape case or incest cases the reason I would only

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