Death Penalty in the US

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Due to the rapid increase in crime, much more attention has been drawn to the opinion that something must be done in the United States Criminal System. We as a country need to reevaluate the way we treat people and the way we convict them, of unspeakable acts of slaughter or even rape. Many people have a huge opinion on this situation, such as some people saying ‘’we need it’’ and others say ‘’the man pulling that switch is no better than the man sitting in the chair.’’ As a country we need to find better options than just prison.
There are so many pro’s as to why we as a country need the death penalty. One of those reasons are, it provides closure for the victims, and or family members. The death penalty ensures families, and surviving victims that the murderer will be not be able to strike again. For example, a surviving victim will never feel closure unless the murderer himself is put to death. Meanwhile, the less fortunate ones who were murdered, raped, kidnapped, and etc. will never find closure until that person gets what they deserve.
Another reason is morality, the principle concerning the distinction between right and wrong or good and bad behavior. A pro to this is the crime of kidnapping, rape, larceny, murder, treason and perjury pivot on a moral code that escapes the indisputably truth, proof by an expert testimony. Our community would plunge into anarchy if they could not act on moral assumptions. Abolitionists may say that the death penalty itself is
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