Death Penalty or Life in Prison

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Death Penalty or Life in Prison Sierra Brattain Southwestern Michigan College Death Penalty or Life in Prison Death Penalty I began my research by looking into the death penalty or also known as capital punishment. The death penalty is the action of executing a person who has committed an illegal act equivalent to death. Crimes punishable by death vary depending on the state; some include murder, sexual assault, treason, and other serious capital crimes (“Crimes Punishable”, 2011). There are many different outlooks on the death penalty; some in favor of the death penalty believe it is the ultimate balance between good and evil and they often use the phrase, “an eye, for an eye.” By using death as punishment they can assure society…show more content…
Life in Prison I continue my research on the effects of life in prison opposed to the death penalty. Life imprisonment is any sentence for serious crimes that insures the offender spends life equivalency in prison or at least until parole. In a lot of cases when an offender is sentenced to life in prison they don’t get the advantage of parole. No one ever sentenced to life without parole has ever been released, they spend the rest of their lives in prison and they usually die of natural causes (Wilbur, 2012). The advantages of life imprisonment are few but worth looking over, for example it saves an abundant amount of money. It costs tax payers $90,000 more per prisoner each year for inmates on death row then they pay for the general prison population. Also it saves many innocent lives of those who were wrongly accused. “More than 200 innocent men and women have been freed from prison in California after it was discovered that they were wrongfully convicted; three of them were sentenced to die for crimes they did not commit” (“The Truth,” n.d.). The disadvantages of spending life in prison are serious and dangerous. Prisons all over the country are becoming very overpopulated, causing less aid for each inmate. Inmates sentenced to death in prison receive less access to programs and no special treatment unlike other prisoners (“The Truth,” n.d.). Prison aren’t pleasant, someone convicted

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